This community was created so you can claim any Japanese song you like; whether it be j-rock, j-pop, j-punk, and so on. Please respect the fact that your song may have been already claimed. We ask that you check the claims list before making your claim.

maintained by_____
-- Washu
-- Reika

-- You have to be a member of LJ [ well, duh ].
-- Two claims per person, unless otherwise noted.
-- You can't have a song that has already been claimed, so check with the claims list.
-- Post your songs in the journal in an entry NOT in a comment, e-mail or one of the maintainers journals. If you fail to follow this rule, you will not be accepted. It is *essential* that you do this, otherwise your claim will not be acknowledged. If you do not know how to do this, then perhaps you should read the FAQ and find out.
-- No bashing of other members, or you will be removed from the community as a consequence.
-- Banners are not required, and are optional, though they are pretty nice. ^^;
-- Songs from an anime can be claimed, but you *must* know who it's by, as well as the full title.
-- Remixes can also be claimed, but knowing the full remix title is essential.
-- No live song claims.
-- No instrumental claims.
-- Other songs by non-Japanese artists can be claimed, as long as the song is sung in Japanese.

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Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
1:44 pm
claim request
I would like to claim

hamasaki ayumi - Alterna

the gazette - in the middle of chaos

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Saturday, October 25th, 2008
9:35 pm
Claim request
I would like to claim:

The Revenant Choir by Versailles
Dozing Green by Dir en grey

Current Mood: dorky

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Saturday, May 24th, 2008
4:11 pm
I would like to claim Darlin' by Shelly Trip Realize and Alterna by SuG, please^^

Current Mood: creative

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
3:19 pm
I wish to claim
Redemption/Longing by Gackt
and Wasurenai kara also by Gackt

Please and thank you!!  :)

Current Mood: cheerful

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Sunday, May 4th, 2008
8:30 pm
would like to claim Lucifer by Madeth Gray'll^^
and UNSTABLE by LuLu~


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Saturday, April 12th, 2008
12:54 pm
 I Like to claim

Maaya Sakamoto- Kimi Ni Ai Ni Ikou [I Shall Go See You]


Mai Kuraki- Never Gonna Give You Up 

please and thank you ^^

Current Mood: sleepy

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Saturday, March 10th, 2007
11:37 pm
I'd like to claim Hamasaki Ayumi's "Startin'" and Dir en Grey's "Ryojoku no Ame," please. :D

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Sunday, February 4th, 2007
11:29 am
Just joined >3
I'd like to claim-

1. Planetarium by Ai Otsuka
2. Good-bye Days by YUI


Current Mood: calm

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Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
9:43 pm
since im going to be sing satsuki by kagrra at my school talent show i think im going to claim that song ^w^

Current Mood: excited

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Wednesday, September 20th, 2006
9:43 pm
hello ^_^
i'd love to claim:
1. I'm so Happy by L`Arc~en~Ciel
2. Winter Fall by L`Arc~en~Ciel

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Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
5:01 pm
Uhhhh this community seems dead but just in case it comes back to life, I'm gonna be polite and say I'm leaving, hence giving up my songs (I think they're Keloid Milk and... Zakuro by Dir en grey, in case that helps). I'd like to un-clutter my info page. It's been groovy.


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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
6:24 pm
I would like to claim:
1. Will be there~koigokoro by w-inds.
2. Akari tomoru hou e by Takako Matsu.

Current Mood: sick

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Sunday, August 6th, 2006
9:42 pm
My claims
I'd like to claim M by Ayumi Hamasaki [Above & Beyond Remix] and Lies by Koda Kumi


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Friday, July 14th, 2006
4:24 pm
'Forbidden' by D'espairsRay

Itoshii hito (Beta de Suman.) -2006 ver.- by Miyavi

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Sunday, July 9th, 2006
1:04 pm
I'd like to claim "Seishun Amigo" by Shuji to Akira and "Kizuna" by Kamenashi Kazuya (from KAT-TUN)

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