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welcome to the great jsong_names where you claim a song
layout 2.0 feat. move is coming soon!


* Obviously you have to be a member of lj.
* If you joined before we announced that you can claim two songs, please claim a second song if you have not already. If you only want one song, that is fine with us too.

* please click the link to the claims list. it's hidden somewhere in the journal because shu doesn't like making more posts with the same list with just a few changes. it gets updated approx. every 2 weeks, give or take a few days.
* Post your claims in an ENTRY not on someone else's entry. Chances are it won't be seen if it's not on an updater's post.
* You can now claim remixes if you would like. Songs not to be claimed are lives, PV edits, radio edits (in the case of something like Art of Life by X Japan). The rule with claiming remixes is that you must know who did the remix/what the name of it is like Fly high [Vincent De Moor Remix Radio Edit]

* You cannot claim a song from anime series unless you know who it is by. For example you cannot claim Change the World from Inuyasha you would have to claim Change the World by V6 from Inuyasha. If you know what anime a song is from, feel free to share this information XD An example of what isnt allowed is a song like the Serial Experiments Lain opening, because that is by a British band. In the same case, you can not claim instrumental songs.

* You can claim songs by C-pop or K-pop or whatever else artists (other than J-music) if the song is in Japanese, for example Kimochi wa Tsutawaru by BoA. This does not mean that songs by J-artists in complete English are not allowed, they are.

* Don't insult anyone else's tastes. Nobody cares if you despise Ayumi Hamasaki. If you like one someone claims, just say so. Maybe you'll make new friends!

* You don't need to make banners, but they're very nice.

* IF YOU CHOOSE TO LEAVE THE COMMUNITY AT ANY TIME, please please PLEASE make a post saying this so we can remove your claims. It's very annoying to have to go through the ENTIRE claims list checking to make sure people are still in the community.

Current contest: none

Created by washu and reika (not on lj anymore) ^_^
washu could never thank geechan enough for all the help during her lazy phase of not updating. <3<3<3